MOTHER EARTH is a nonprofit organization that aims at the study and preservation of living beings and the environment.

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“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Mother Earth was founded according to the wishes and aspirations of Kangyur Rinpoche, and appears through the request of Taklung Tsetrul Pema Wangyal Rinpoche with the need to develop a kind hearted society which concerns itself with the protection and preservation of its surrounding ecosystems.

If you'd like to see your project featured here, please send us information about the activity (in English) and good quality photos or videos. We look forward to your contribution!

Mother Earth organization started in Portugal and that is the reason the activities shown on this page are in Portugal. But this is going to change soon, as there are already people working in Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom. Visit this page often to know about the work being done in those countries.

Project Mother Earth @ Schools: a photography exhibition and conferences motivate students and teachers to learn more about the problems faced by our Mother Earth.

Images from the photography exhibition. The beautiful photos are a support to the discussion of environmental threats and possible solutions.

Yes, it is a teaser to BBC One's "A celebration of Natural History with David Attenborough". It is also one of the most inspiring short videos ever made about our planet. Enjoy!

A group of volunteers gathered on the hills around the Stupa of Malhão in the Algarve, South of Portugal. They offered 2.000 seeds and their personal effort to plant those many Quercus Sobur trees, on behalf of Mother Earth. It was their way to help fighting Climate Change and Global Warming…

Lisbon 21st September 2014, the People’s Climate March. Reports what happened in Rossio, Lisbon as people from all over the world came out to the streets to demand a change in politics to prevent worldwide disaster in climate change. For our Mother Earth.

A team of volunteers gathered at Palmela to clean up the forrest trails at Serra do Louro. An initiative of Mother Earth Portugal and the Palmela City Hall

This video tells the story of a bunch of friends who got together to celebrate Peace Day and to demonstrate their care about the climate change, the preservation of the environment and a healthy way of living. Dedicated to our planet - the Mother Earth.

Mother Earth volunteers get interviewed about the work of Mother Earth in the island of Madeira (in Portuguese).

France. The La Vézère river, view from the pre-historic site of La Roque St. Cristophe. ©foto Luciano Cruz

Would you like to be part of Mother Earth's projects? You're very welcome!

Mother Earth aims towards the Biosphere preservation, in particular, the preservation of living beings that struggle to survive in the current adverse environmental conditions.

Mother Earth considers fundamentally important to develop public awareness activities focusing on the mutual respect and the Right to Live of all living beings.

Spain. The old stone walls of the Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos, ©foto Luciano Cruz

Contacts in Portugal

Address: Rua Conde de Almoster, 106 12ºD
1500-197 Lisboa

Telephone: (+351) 920 163 145


Google Plus: Mother Earth Portugal

Facebook: Mother Earth Portugal

Facebook: Mother Earth Portugal - Madeira Islands

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Donations are essential to the development of the activities of Mother Earth since the release of its activity in Portugal through actions. Thus, any amount, however small it may be, is a valuable aid.

Portuguese bank transfer:
Banco BIG - Banco de Investimento Global
Nome: Mother Earth - Associação Para a Preservação do Ambiente
NIB: 0061 0050 00576039500 72

International bank transfer:
Bank: BIG - Banco de Investimento Global
Name: Mother Earth - Associação Para a Preservação do Ambiente
IBAN: PT50 0061 0050 00576039500 72

Regular Contributions are the best way to support our work at Mother Earth. Establishing an automatic bank transfer, you can rest assured knowing that you are helping even when you have less time available. And whenever you see fit you can modify or even cancel your bank transfer at your own bank.

After setting your bank transfer through your bank, please send us an email to, indicating name and address, so that we can send your receipt.

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Being a friend of Mother Earth will enable, through a small monthly contribution, Mother Earth to have the financial stability to expand its activities. As a friend of Mother Earth you can follow the work and be aware that even if you can't dedicate time and attention as you would like, you will help automatically every month.

• Become a Volunteer

The work of volunteers is essential to the activities of the Association. If you think you can contribute in areas such as communications, audio / video, cleaning forest, computer support, translation, support diverse communities, divulgation and other things, please send an email to Your help is precious!

Two seagulls diving for food, ©foto Luciano Cruz

General Information

Mother Earth – aims at developing a diverse set of activities towards the awareness and education of the general public.
As such, Mother Earth is focused on:

1. Encouraging the reduction of water and electricity consumption.

2. Encouraging recycling and sorting of garbage.

3. Encouraging the recycling of electronic devices.

4. Developing awareness on car usage, and encouraging carpooling and the development of public transportation.

5. Encouraging toy recycling. 6. Encouraging the recycling and donation of clothes.

7. Encouraging the integral usage of organic produce

8. Encouraging the use of bio and organic produce.

9. Organising campaigns for cleaning forests and beaches.

10. Encouraging the development of community gardens, and plantation of trees in urban areas.

11. Organising volunteer actions integrating, in particular, children, elders, unemployed, inmates, and physically challenged people.

12. Organising public awareness campaigns for the reduction on animal consumption, reducing its slaughter.

13. Encouraging public awareness towards respecting planet Earth and all its living creatures.

Closeup of a brown duck in a pond, ©foto Luciano Cruz

Closeup of a bee on a bright pink flower, ©foto Luciano Cruz


Mother Earth strives towards:

• The respect for all living beings.

• The preservation of ecosystems.

• The preservation of water resources and the development of measures for a sustainable use.

• The preservation of forests and the development of measures for a sustainable use.

• The development of bio-agricultural actions.

• Supporting renewable energy sources.

• Implementação de politicas de redução e reutilização.

• Reintroducing native species in their natural ecosystems.

• Environmental education in schools.

• Nutritional education in schools.

• Cooperating with state institutions towards freeing animals.

• Cooperating with municipalities towards the cleaning of forests and coastal areas.

• Creating a volunteer database.